Voices of Laments

Installation (2022)

Installation Triptych, 25 min. looped/screens

Parallelly to our poroject HELLO TO EMPTINESS, an installation will be created in which we will interweave audiovisual documentary material from different regions of the world (Greece, Korea, Kenya) in collaboration with local actors (the “satellites”). Our artistic satellites form independent research and production cells with jointly defined questions. It is a structural attempt to develop international models of cooperation at eye level, with which we support the approach to a common world mourning.

Artistic director: Stephanie Thiersch
Editor/postproduction: Anja Theismann
Soundmixing: sounds fresh., Cologne
Producer: MOUVOIR, Cologne/Germany
Project management: Anna-Mareen Henke
General management/MOUVOIR: Tanja Baran, Agnes Missel
Production management/MOUVOIR: Sarah Heinrich

Korea/Gut ceremony:
Shaman: Hyekyung Min
Assistant: Seungyeon Lee, Jaeseong Kim
Janggu: Donggyun Lee
Jing: Wonyoung Choi
Bara (Cymbals): Hyoseong Jin
Pipe: Donghyeon Choi
Daegeum: Jiseok Yang

Filming & Zoom Operation in Korea:
Kyoung Ho Kang
Dae Kwon Kim
Young Chul Jang

Korean Contemporary Dance Artist: Hyerim Jang
Moderator/Advisor: Ok-seop Jin
Translator: Jaeyoon Adela Shin
Photographer: Lee HanKoo

Organizing Committee of Seoul International Dance Festival:
Artistic Director: Jong-ho Lee
General Director: Sung Eun Jang
Producer: Yoona Kim
Project Manager: So Youn Bae

Manshimin performing Jinoh-gwi-gut (진오귀굿: Underworld Entry Ritual/Lament) in a private household

Director: Kepha Oiro
Sound: Emmaus Kimani

Malindi shoot
Camera: Kevin Mutunga
Interviewer: Erick Kia
Fixer: Wilson Odhiambo
Protagonists: Msalome Cultural Group
Translator: Kazungu

Siaya-Migori shoot
Camera: Emmanuel Odhiambo, Lynton Mburu
Music: Olith Ratego
Interviewer: Julliet Omollo
Fixer: Olith Ratego
Protagonists: Od Dala Women Group, Ogoya Nengo
Translator: Julliet Omolo

Photography: Emmaus Kimani, Emmanuel
Co-Producer: Tuchangamke-Group
In collaboration with Goethe-Institute Kenya (Nairobi)

Funeral rituals and laments in Luo community at Lake Victoria in West-Kenya and Giriama community at the East-coast of Kenya

Director: Silas Michalakas
Expert: Thanos Kotsis
Protagonists: Antonia/Stamato/Anneta/Vassiliki
Co-Producer: Ethnofest Athens
In collaboration with Goethe-Institute Athens

Villages of Loutraki and Pyrgos with Thanos and local laments of a village in Mani

photos by Lee HanKoo, Silas Michalakas, Emmaus Kimani, Emmanuel

Funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with the support of the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.

on Tour:

bis 20.04. Begleitende Installation zu 'HELLO TO EMPTINESS'


Goethe Institut Athen, Athen