Hello to Emptiness


premiere: spring 2022

HELLO TO EMPTINESS is an echo. It is a performative-musical reflection on social
vulnerability and the handling of grief, currently charged by the pandemic

„All these losses are grievable, which means that they are lives worthy of acknowledgement, equal in value to every other life, a value that cannot be calculated.” (Judith Butler, Mourning is a Political Act, Truthout, 14.05.2020)

How do we confront the emptiness when fellow humans, landscapes, species and
populations disappear or die? How do we see, feel and reflect the void and how do
we resonate with the hole their disappearance leaves with us?

This interdisciplinary and intercultural research and performance-concert, with seven dancer-singers from different cultures and generations, as well as a local “choir of elders,” focuses on reinventing lost strategies to cope with the void.

“Grief is a path to understanding entangled shared living and dying; human beings must grieve with, because we are in and of this fabric of undoing. Without sustained remembrance, we cannot learn to live with ghosts and so cannot think.”
(Donna Haraway, 2016)

Proceeding from the Greek mourning chants “Molroloi”, HELLO TO EMPTINESS sheds light on different still existing or vanished rituals, echoes them in the today and transforms them into a contemporary and futuristic aesthetic.

Produced by:
MOUVOIR/Köln, tanzhaus nrw/Düsseldorf, Théâtre de Nîmes/Nîmes, SIDance – Seoul International Dance Festival/Seoul