Land im Land

Performance with holography (2022)

Performance with holography
In collaboration with Theater Bielefeld Stephanie Thiersch creates ‘Land im Land’, a premiere of the project series_ D³ – Dance Discovers Digital_. At the interface of dance and digital media art, Stephanie Thiersch creates a multi-layered piece for TANZ Bielefeld and places the question of community in times of digitality at the centre of her research: What does community mean across borders? How do we experience others and share a common space when travel is not an option? How do we come to “vibrate” together?

‘Land im Land’ is a performance that elevates the interconnectedness of people to a theme. Together with her team, Thiersch creates a place of events in which territories merge and people meet close to each other who are nevertheless located far away in the world. Through the use of digital techniques, the audience becomes part of a holographic ambience and a game with presence and absence. A utopian living space is created in which an analogue and a virtual world unfold simultaneously, exploring the experience of space and the sensation of time: an invitation to dive into speculative futures and scenarios of togetherness.

The production is supported by the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen and NRW Kultursekreteriat Wuppertal.

on Tour:

14.01.2023, 19.30 h

Theater Bielefeld

TOR 6 Theaterhaus, Bielefeld