Film (2001)

Deutscher Videotanzpreis 2002

At dawn, a café under dark trees. A poet scribbles his vision of utopian love on paper: Georgia. The guests of the café go crazy behind his back. His paranoid vision: at a quay of the Seine, Georgia rises from the water. But before he can touch her, the insignificant gust of wind that is only supposed to send the red paper on its journey brutally blows him onto a barge on the Pont Neuf.
Since the incident, the ground beneath his feet begins to swim. A foray through surreal imagery in a nocturnal Paris begins. The settings transform into time-independent non-places, places of transfer into another, more real and unbiased existence.

Cast/Choreography: Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola , Alexandra Naudet, Luc Dunberry, Damien Jalet, Michal Hirsch, Jens Münchow, Mathilde Poymiro, Olivier Schétrit
Music: Anthony Moore
Cinematography: Javier Ruiz Gomez, Kathy Sebbah
Editing: Anja Theismann, Britta Strathmann

Commissioned by ZDF Theaterkanal and Arte

A co-production of aquafilm and mouvoir