FLUX - No Ends Land

Choreography for the State Theatre Kassel (2011)

Three choreographers – Stephanie Thiersch, Michael Langeneckert and dance director Johannes Wieland – ask themselves questions about the existence and consistency of reality. What are the currents that drive us in everyday life? How do we come together when, through every movement and every encounter, a new perception enters our spectrum of reality.

Stephanie Thiersch’s choreography deals with the street, the pedestrian zone – a piece about the flow of the street. But what does the street stand for, is it a synonym, a myth?
“Here, the street is a symbol of normality. All the dramas that the great stage plays are about can be found in everyday life. What was important for me to show is that precisely in this initially superficial, perhaps boring flow of daily errands, there are moments that crystallise and that basically stand for the big picture. Fragments of words, snippets of movement that reflect a great drama, a great boredom, a great happiness, a great despair, without us really being able to experience them in their entirety at that moment.”
(Stephanie Thiersch)

Concept/Direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Choreography: Stephanie Thiersch
Dance/Creation: Brea Cali, Maasa Sakano, Lillian Stillwell, Léa Tirabasso, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Rémi Benard, Viktor I. Usov
Stage: Stephanie Burger
Sounddesign: Donata Deliano
Costumes: Stefanie Krimmel
Light: Cornelia Gloth
Dramaturgy: Dr. Thorsten Teubl
Photography: N. Klinger

With “No Ends Land”, Stephanie Thiersch, the only woman in the trio of choreographers, presents her vision of a changing, vulnerable world – a magnificent end: street images with extras and noises from Kassel. Fellini-like scenes filled with suggestion. Nothing fits, yet everything has a magical sound: the doleful man underneath water that pours down on him; the sentimental song accompanying the most beautiful striptease ever to be performed: Lea Tirabasso is a weeping child prodigy, naked, defenceless; Brea Cali a red doll that refuses to move. When everything has died down, it’s as if you were waking up from a dream.