Under paving stones, the sun

Short film at HfMDK Frankfurt (2021)

Under paving stones, the sun is a cinematic work developed in collaboration with the students of HfMDK Frankfurt.
Playful city walks with clear scores which focus their attention to the unusual within the usual, which wrest poetry from daily environment of the city centre, are the beginning of a process that locates bodies in architecture. How can we treat the well-known differently? How much choreographic freedom do bodies have within the architecture of a city?
Inspired by the situationist dérives, dance director Stephanie Thiersch develops choreographic film miniatures with 3rd Year students.

Dance / Choreography:
Ariadni Agnanti
Alice Brunner
Danique de Bont
Alexandros Karampatsakis
Eunbin Kim
Ian Kim
Lucy May
Valeria Schulz
Antonia Selow
Clara Valdera Barbero
Polina Zhukova

Tadas Almantas, Stephanie Thiersch

Video editing:
Tom Schreiber

Concept / Director:
Stephanie Thiersch

“Love of Space” by Machine of Calm Living
“Yakisoba” by John Zorn

HfMDK Frankfurt