Sonne kochen

graduation piece, 4 dancers

“Sonne kochen” is a graduation piece for and with graduates of the University for Music and Dance in Cologne. The four graduates and aspiring dancers invented the title. “Sonne kochen” (engl. “Cooking the sun”) reflects the working process. Starting point was the surrealistic strategy of “cadavre exquis”. Through this strategy bizarre, absurd, meaningless and even poetic compositions of text arise.
Stephanie Thiersch and her choreographic partner transform the surrelistic method into movement.
We see a piece about the poetry of coincidence that stimulates in a playful way everyone´s fantasy.

Choreography: Stephanie Thiersch in collaboration with Viviana Escalé
performed by: Johanna Kasperowitsch, Valentina Schulte Ladbeck, Kristin Schuster, Nora Vladiguerov
Music: Arvo Pärt/ Kronos Quartett, Balkan Beat Box, Chronomad, Janek Schaefer, Deathprod