reality mix - attitudes passionelles

Interactive Performance (2004)

A choreographic play by Stephanie Thiersch/Cologne and Micha Purucker/Munich

«Outside the neighbourhood, beyond its fleeting and continually threatened changelessness, stretched a half known city where people met only by chance… » Guy Debord

For Attitudes passionnelles – Reality Mix performer and audience arrange a meetingpoint, the venue, which is sourrounded by several dériveurs (datascouts). “A dérive is a generating principe and systematic praxis for a promenade”. The dériveurs are moving through the city in a defined manner, communicating indications of the space directly via the internet in the form of pictures/sound/text. Live-actors are moving through the venue. They are functioning as composers, creating a sensuous parallel existence out of the sent information and their own, known data.


March 2002 the project wins the “special prize of the jury” of the international rhein.tanzmedia.web competition
August 2002 “choreographer in residence” at P.A.C.T. Chor. Zentrum/Zeche Zollverein: showing of_board _1: installation, dia, photo
September 2002 presentation of _board _2 at tanzhaus nrw: photo, installation, video, text


Monica Gòmis (dance), Stephan Herwig (dance), Michael Kunitsch (technique/light), Robert Merzo (music), Karen Piewig (dance), Geraldo Si (dance), a.o.

Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München/Fachgebiet Darstellende Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Kunststiftung NRW, Fonds Darstellende Künste (aus Bundesmitteln durch die Kulturstiftung der Länder), Bayerischer Landesverband für Zeitgenössischen Tanz aus Mitteln des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst