Picture a Vacuum

Hello to Emptiness 2 (2022)

Picture a Vacuum is the new episode of our long-term research on grief and social vulnerability. Again in the form of a transcultural performance-concert exploring the notion of mourning in different cultural contexts, we are working for the new version with our artistic team in Korea in cooperation with SIDance International Dance Festival and ACC/Asia Cultural Center. Based on a line of text from a spoken word song by British musician Kae Tempest, the title refers to the universal feeling of emptiness in the face of death.

In Korea, the interdisciplinary artistic team from Europe is joined by the extraordinary Korean shaman Hye-kung Min and dancer Hyerim Jang. The European cast with Martha Mavroidi, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Julien Ferranti, Manon Parent expands to include dancer Gyung Moo Kim. The contributing artists combine their knowledge of different cultural techniques, songs and rites to an evening that traces the intimacy, the dialogue and at the same time the communal and unifying of the laments and rituals. Together they approach the question of the existence of a world mourning in a poetic space with dance, ritual, art song and folklore, sounds and electronics.
All together three episodes will be created : 1 Greece/Ukraine, 2 Korea, 3 Kenya

Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola
Julien Ferranti
Hyerim Jang
Gyung Moo Kim
Martha Mavroidi
Hye-kyung Min
Manon Parent

Associated artists:
Mariana Sadovska

Artistic direction/direction/stage design:
Stephanie Thiersch
Martha Mavroidi and ensemble
Rehearsal direction:
Gyung Moo Kim
Lighting design/technical direction:
Begoña Garcia Navas / Dimitar Evtimov
Costume design:
Lauren Steel
Sound design:
Nicolas Baudoux
Sound assistant:
Mats Thiersch
Tanja Baran, Agnes Missel
Production management:
Sarah Heinrich

Produced by:
MOUVOIR e. V. & ACC – Asia Culture Center

on Tour:

Hello to Emptiness 2

ACC – Asia Culture Center, Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu Gwangju, Südkorea

Hello to Emptiness 2


ACC – Asia Culture Center, Gwangju