City Dance Köln

13 hour dance manifestation based on Anna Halprin (2016)

The City Dance Köln is a 12-hour, large scale performance parcours involving more than 500 professional and amateur players, amongst them dancers, musicians and choir. It took place on the 3rd of September in the city of Cologne and was planned in collaboration with the Kölner Philharmonie. From sunrise until sundown, 10 performances and serveral smaller interventions took place at well known locations as well as unfamiliar sites. The project is based on the idea of Anna Halprins’ CITY DANCES, that were initiated in San Francisco in the 1970’s. These City Dances were an artistic and political attemt to expierence dance as a colloective and democratic process in times that were characterized by a tense social atmosphere and ethnic riots. In cooperation with Anna Halprin and together with a collective of artists, the choreographer Stephanie Thiersch adapted the City Dances and restage them in Germany in the present-time to sample its pertinence and perpetuity today.

The desire to help others experience dance in its most human power as a collective, democratic process with participants from diverse artistic disciplines was the jumping-off point for “City Dance Köln” which traversed the city of Cologne in September 2016. Based on an idea by the dance pioneer Anna Halprin, the project devised unfamiliar sight lines from the outskirts across the river, down streets and through parks; brought dance to the most unusual places and united more than 5,000 passersby, artists and Cologne residents. The cathedral city was transformed into a place for togetherness and exploring the potential for collective movement. As a part of tanz nrw 17, the City Dance ensemble will revive three fragments of this community project.

Find more Info at: www.citydance-koeln.de

Cast and Credits for City Dance – a Fragment on May 7th:

Artistic Direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Composition: Brigitta Muntendorf
Conductor: Rodrigo López Klingenfuss
Dance: Matteo Ceccarelli, Marika Gangemi, Viivi Keskinen, Gyung Moo Kim, Karoline Strys, Salim Ben Mammar, Geraldine Rosteius, Clara-Marie Müller, Viviana Escalé, Silvia Ehnies
Asasello Quartett: Rostislav Kozhevnikov (Violine), Barbara Streil (Violine), Justyna Sliwa (Viola), Teemu Myöhänen (Cello);
Ensemble Garage: Frank Riedel (Saxophon), Till Künkler (Posaune), Yuka Ohta (Schlagwerk);


CITY-RUNNER with and by:Salim Ben Mammar, Charlotte Brohmeyer, Jennifer Döring, Clara Marie Müller, Karoline Strys, Kim Töpfer

Music: Asasello Quartett: Rostislav Kozhevnikov (Violine), Barbara Streil (Violine), Justyna Sliwa (Viola), Teemu Myöhänen (Cello)
Dance: Valenti Rocamora i Torà I Tora, Viviana Escalé
Music by: Ludwig van Beethoven

Pictures: Martin Rottenkolber
Video: Sandeep Mehta

The overall project City Dance Köln that took place September 3rd 2016 was funded by:
TANZFONDS ERBE – eine Initiative der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.The project has been coproduced by the Kölner Philharmonie in the frame of their 30th anniversary.

Based on an idea by: Anna Halprin


Overall artistic direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Musical direction: Brigitta Muntendorf
Sculptures/objets d’art: Bettina Buck
Choreographic Team: Stephanie Thiersch, Martin Sonderkamp, Viviana Escalé, Sunday Israel Akpan
Planning of the parcour: Boris Sieverts, Frank Dommert

and many more
for the full list of participants and partner, please click here

Coproducers: Kölner Philharmonie

Funded by: TANZFONDS ERBE – an initiative by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

In cooperation with: Cambio Car, Choices, Claudiustherme, Futur3 Köln, Freihandelszone – ensemblenetzwerk köln, internationale tanzmesse nrw, Kölner Seilbahn, Kulturservice Köln, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Oberlandesgericht Köln, rausgegangen.de, TanzFaktur, VolXbühne – Ensemble der Generationen am Theater an der Ruhr, Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr und A.TONAL.THEATER, ZAIK – Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation Köln, Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz und Studio für Elektronische Musik der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

Pictures: Martin Rottenkolber

(…) the entire city seems to be dancing, being relieved of everyday life´s gravity for a moment.
Christian Bos, KStA, 05.09.2016

“City Dance Köln” is celebrating its premiere and brought rhythm into this city from early morning until late at night.
Mick Oberbusch, Kölnische Rundschau, 05.09.2016


City Dance Köln, September 3rd:


06:30–08:30 Morning Walks

09:00–10:15 Warm Up and Yoga in the park

10:30–12:00 Crossing the river by cable car

11:00–12:00 Choir Performance

11:30–12:45 Lindy Hop Party

13:00–13:25 Interventions in Lentpark

13:30–14:00 Dance and Music in the ancient fortress

14:30–15:15 Performance at the higher court

15:15–16:00 Parade through the Rhieler Street

16:00–17:00 Picknick and Dance-Battle

17:15–18:00 Demonstration at Eigelstein-Street

18:00–18:30 DANCE FOR ALL at the station forecourt