As If (we would be)

a dance montage (2011)

“Nothing happening; secret arrangements determine the mood; non-verbal human communication. The latest work for seven dancers by choreographer Stephanie Thiersch and media artist Angela Melitopoulos focuses on mimicry: imitating, adapting to a structure, disguising, becoming invisible, turning up, stepping out of line. Automation and invention monopolise our speech and movement. At the centre of a world which is governed by numerous norms and is constantly being reinvented, mimetic skills shape the frontier areas between the self and the group. Those allowed to enter the area and negotiate succumb to a public secret. Here, the stage becomes the realm of possibility which sees the drama of creation play out in a world infused with simulations.”


Created and performed by: Viviana Escalé, Inés Hernandez, Mu-Yi Kuo, I-Fen Lin, Victor Launay, Nicolas Robillard, Valenti Rocamora-Tora, in discussion: Anselm Franke, Concept/Dramaturgy: Angela Melitopoulos, Stephanie Thiersch, Choreography, Direction: Stephanie Thiersch, Video: Angela Melitopoulos, Video-Adaption of ´Sala de la Tele´: Meggie Schneider, Co-choreography: Alexandra Naudet, Consulting: Gerald Siegmund, Assistance: Angela Harter, Sound/Composition: Vitor Joaquim, Joseph Suchy, Music-Mix: Lyoudmila Milanova, Costumes: Sabine Schneider, Stage: Stephanie Thiersch, Angela Melitopoulos, Angela Anderson, Niko Moddenborg, Technical Director/Light Design: Niko Moddenborg, Management: Felix Wittek, Organization: Ines Disselbrede, PR/Marketing: Jessica Otten, Grafic Design: Jörg Waschat, Photography: Tom Trambow


Funded by: Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, das Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, die Kunststiftung NRW und das NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal.

MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch in Co-operation with Freihandelszone Ensemblenetzwerk Köln, in Coproduction with tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf and O Espaco do Tempo, Lissabon, Goethe Institut Dar Es Salaam Tansania mit dem Visa 2 Dance Festival, in Co-operation with Schauspiel Köln, CODA Dance Festival Oslo and colectivA Cluj (Romania).