Urban Spotter

with students of the University of Music and performing Arts Frankfurt (2018)

We are going into the urban space to collect hints and evidences with our smartphones: audio, photos, videos are created intuitively and spontaneously in the context of Dérives. By this we mean walks as experimental strategies of urban exploration in the sense of the situationists. Which choreographies do we find in urban space? What keeps our eye? What do gestures, attitudes, constellations of people tell about our changing society? From the collected informations choreographer Stephanie Thiersch develops a gesture repertoire with the students. Which choreographic narrations can result?


Concept, Direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Choreography, Stage, Costumes: ensemble in cooperation with Stephanie Thiersch
Performance, Dance: Florine Boland, Michael-Steven Carman, Tom Diener, Ida Kaufmann, Maria Kobzewa, Yana Madriyani, Christian Meusel, Maria Morillas Alonso, Lena Paetsch, Hendrik Hebben
Music: Janet Cardiff, The Soft Moon, Max Eastly/David Topp, Peaking Lights, Laurie Anderson
Video: Tom Schreiber

pictures: Maciej Rusinek