The Austrian Company BODHI PROJECT unites excellent young dancers and invited Stephanie Thiersch to develop a performance with them in 2019.

Stephanie’s interest as a choreographer is always directed at the body in process of transformation and towards a confrontation of contexts. Her bodies are neither one nor the other. She attempts a balancing act between these contexts and wants the audience to take a stance in the spaces in between.
Stephanie’s choreography for BODHI PROJECT throws a view on the ambivalent relationship of humans and non-human with the natural world. Six bodies in constant transformation try to organize and reconfigure the relations with what is there. They explore strategies of „staying in trouble “(Donna Haraway) proposing more a making with, than an individual self-fulfilment.

Concept and direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Choreographic assistance: Viviana Escalé
Dance and creation: BODHI PROJECT; Csenger Szabó, Imola Kascó, Jeanne Laurent, Márton Gláser, Noémie Anneg, Pei Fong Ng
Lights: Frank Lischka
Production: BODHI PROJECT / blackmountain, SEAD

BODHI PROJECT is funded by Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

Photo credits: Edin Mustafic, Martin Rottenkolber