Colas Lucot

Colas Lucot was born in Besançon, France. He began studying ballet technique in Evelyne Agullo’s dance center in Vesoul, France. He then moved to Lyon to enter the formation of the CNSMD, National conservatory, for the following six years. Colas has worked with choreographers like Claude Brumachon, Angelin Preljocaj, Emilio Calcagno, Laura Arend, Gaetano Battezzato, Akram Khan, Britta Lieberknecht and David Hernandez. To date, he has worked on three creations with DH+, Hullabaloo, Thirst and For Movement’s Sake. Colas has also started giving contemporary classes in the studio Danscentrumjette, in the Kunsthumanoria of Brussels and in PARTS in Belgium. Since 2015 he is working with MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch and will dance in the new production Bronze by Gold.


Stephanie Thiersch, Isack Peter Abeneko, Fabien Almakiewicz, Mathieu Antajan, Tim Behren, Béla Bisom, Judith Bwire, Matteo Ceccarelli, Guy Cools, Jasper Diekamp, Dj Elephant Power, Viviana Escalé, Marika Gangemi, Karolin Henze, Inés Hernandez, Alexandra Karentzos, Annamari Keskinen, Moo Kim, Rostislav Kozhevnikov, Mu-Yi Kuo, I-Fen Lin, Colas Lucot, Alexandra Naudet, Michele Meloni, Holger Mertin, Niko Moddenborg, Teemu Myöhänen, Tommy Noonan, Kingsley Odiaka, Chang Ik Oh, Kepha Oiro, Juliette Omolo, Florian Patschovsky, Georgina Philp, Marcela Ruiz Quintero, Martin Rottenkolber, Anton Skrzypiciel, Justyna Śliwa, Camille Revol, Valenti Rocamora i Torà, Sabine Schneider, Barbara Streil, Joseph Suchy, Anna Volkland, Wolfgang Zamastil


Corps Étrangers (Replacement)
Bronze by Gold